nicholas rosal




I have realized that painting in itself is only a technique; it is solely the act of picking up a brush and finding a line in a stroke or a plane in a block of color. I have also been intrigued by the voice of the artist, the "art". It will call and beckon an audience or alienate them with the image. The voice can be clear, direct, enlightening, guiding and truthful or it can be convoluted, distasteful and misleading. But a voice that can be heard and understood needs technique. Then again, great technique is for naught without a clear voice. There is a need for balance.

I want to find the balance, keep it and then find its limits and stretch it. To push my technique and keep my voice steady as I explore myself as an artist.

The dialogue I chose was that of the human figure. I want to be reminded of the beauty in the ordinary and mundane in the human body and its surroundings, to illustrate and document the human's arguable definition of beauty in and outside of our selves. It is the exploration of human thought and spirit that I desire to express.