nicholas rosal




Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1964, Nicholas Rosal's creative journey often blurred the line of music and art. Attending Pratt Institute's AOS Program for Advertising and Design in NY, he eventually left the commercial art field for music to be 'more expressive'. By combining his disciplined background of design and his instinctive nature in music, he created a unique voice in the fine arts.

While 'gigging' from the mid 80’s through 90’s, he would spend his time in the restaurants or bars sketching fellow musicians or patrons on bar napkins which eventually became full-fledged paintings on canvas or wood panel. Constantly keeping a notebook with him for song writing ideas, the pages of written word were soon overpowered by gesture sketches and studied drawings of his music environment. Interestingly, this was the inspiration for his earlier mixed media imagery when he combined his song lyrics with his paintings.

Through the years, Rosal has worked in theater as a set painter, a director of production in fine art publishing and a designer for print advertising and web sites. His multi faceted approach to the visual arts has helped diversify his approach to painting.

His works are in the hands of private collectors across the country and also in corporate collections such as Citizen Watch, Waldorf Astoria, NY and Calvin Klein. Mr. Rosal has also been involved in numerous one man and group shows since 1989.

He is currently dedicating his time to his art and is the proprietor of MH Art & Framing Gallery in New York City while still living in New Jersey.